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When Is a Writer Not Like a Writer? An Open Cover Letter to EA Games

Recently I applied for a Temporary Writer's position with EA Games. Don't worry, I'm not giving up on songwriting and chances are I won't get the job. However, I wrote a cover letter for the job which I thought was amusing - as much as a cover letter can be amusing - and I wanted to share that with you. I've been so busy with the release of Zulu Panda's new EP, Two-Way Street (Not War), and performing at successful release concerts in Vancouver, Victoria and Edmonton. It was nice to try my hand at pitching for something way out in left field (and there's a mixed metaphor there, but enjoy).


My name is Wesley David Scott and I am writing to you regarding the temporary writer’s position as advertised on the EA website.

I am not your usual applicant - this I can guarantee you - but I would attest that I would be a spectacular choice for this position because I am passionate about characters and stories!

First, I am a film geek with an obsession for deconstructing narratives. Testament to this, I recently reviewed and RE-WROTE Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to improve upon the plot (and it is accessible at I understand character development, recognize when it is lacking, and know how implement it in a dynamic and interesting fashion.

Secondly, I am a seasoned singer-songwriter, under the stage name of Zulu Panda. I have been writing original music for over 12 years. Writing is a song is not only about creating a narrative in lyrics but involves reworking an idea and language repeatedly until it flows with rhythm and melody. I love writing and telling stories, especially in song.

For instance, my tune ‘Carve My Name’ tells the story of a tourist falling in love with a pianist in Rome ( and my song ‘No Fishing in Motown’ is a true news story about kids fishing out of a neglected pot hole in Detroit (

Third, I am an educated individual who works well with others - in general but especially within the sphere of writing. I attended the University of Victoria where I graduated with distinction with a degree in Philosophy and Political Science - two disciplines which require one to express oneself clearly and eloquently. What’s more, during my time in university I worked as a paid photojournalist and casual copy editor with the student newspaper, The Martlet.

Lastly, I know stories. Be it classic literature, comic books or video games - be it the tale of Dorian Gray, Bruce Wayne or Manny Calavera - I am a big fan of solid narrative and dynamic characters, and I know how to convey that in my own writing. Moreover, I know how people act in real life, seeing them at their best and at their worst; I am an avid world traveller and have real work experience in mental health, addiction and trauma counselling.

I am a talented and experienced writer and I would love to join the EA team.

Thank you for your consideration.

Kind Regards,



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