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The ONE-FIFTY Recording Project


In 2017, Canada celebrates its 150th anniversary as a country. I intend to commemorate this by travelling and recording original music in each of our ten provinces and three territories. I will be documenting my experience and performing live as I go. I can think of no better way to spend my 30th year on this planet (and 15th year of playing music) than by exploring new places and being creative.


  • Record one studio-quality track in each province / territory (to be mixed and mastered en masse)

  • Perform at least twice in each province / territory (house concerts, bar shows, festivals, etc.)

  • Stay with locals in each province / territory and find out what Canada means to them


  • Locate interested record producers to negotiate and work with in each province / territory

  • Secure at least two performance dates in each province / territory

  • Find a place to stay (if not multiple) in each place I record and perform

  • Acquire transportation to, from and during my stay in each of these places


  • Connect with your family and friends and share with them what I’m doing

  • Help me find people who can potentially:

  • Give me a place to stay while I am visiting

  • Host house concerts or help coordinate performances

  • Introduce me to record producers, music / festival promoters or other performers

  • Order the 13-track album when it is available for pre-sale at

  • Consider buying a Zulu Panda t-shirt or making a donation privately

  • Attend one of my performances in your area and bring your whole crew!

  • Offer to tag along and record video footage or perform alongside yours truly


I don’t know anyone, for instance, in Newfoundland - but you might. Your Auntie Carol in St. John’s might know someone who performs at a pub every Friday who can connect me with people who record or book musicians. She might walk past the same record store on her way to work everyday, and the clerk there might know who to talk to. She might be friends with someone online who has a great place in Gander and would love to host an intimate acoustic concert at their house. Reaching out to Auntie Carol would be a *BIG* help and I would really appreciate it.


My name is Wesley Scott - AKA Zulu Panda - and I am a singer-songwriter from Vancouver BC. I make indie-folk-style music that combines elements of heartland rock with grunge while maintaining a pop sensibility. I love telling stories in my lyrics and performing loud on stage with my band. I was born in Edmonton AB and grew up in Victoria BC. I have family on the Prairies and in Ontario. I lived in Montreal QC for a summer and travelled across the country by train when I was sixteen. I am a first-generation Canadian and I believe in reconciliation with First Nations communities. I’m a big fan of Tegan & Sara, Sloan, Metric, The Tragically Hip, Death From Above 1979, Arkells, Great Big Sea and The Weakerthans. I’m really excited for this new project and appreciate any help you can offer.

Kind Regards,

Wesley Scott



If you or someone you know has a business or organization that is interested in sponsoring this project, please let me know. I would be happy to negotiate potential advertising, live performance shout-outs and video documentary reviews and credits online in exchange for assistance with accommodation and travel or supplies like guitar strings or moustache wax. Every little bit helps!

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