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What To Do When Your Heroes Die

Scott Weiland. Lemmy Kilmister. David Bowie. Glenn Frey.

Yes, celebrity deaths are not a new thing. Everyone gets old. Everyone dies. But to say the recent deaths of these music icons hasn't startled me would be a lie. Each in their own way, these artist enhanced my world and inspired me through their music. I never had the pleasure to meet these men or even see them perform but I can't imagine growing up without having their songs in my life.

If you're having a rough time with dealing with the news, that's normal. Don't chalk it up to 'first world problems' - acknowledge your emotions. They can manifest in all sorts of ways. Expressing yourself does not make you weak in the slightest. It's the best way to move forward. Take the time to be thankful for what you've experienced and what you valued about them. Celebrate their accomplishments and remember the positive impact they had.

Keep your stick on the ice, - ZP

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